Glossary N-O Words


Norm-referenced Test – an assessment that sorts or ranks students by comparing each student's performance to other same age/grade children (from a norm group that is typical of the wider population) who took the same test under similar conditions. (e.g., Canadian Achievement Test - CAT, Canadian Cognitive Abilities Tests - CCAT).

Ontario School Record (OSR) – the record of a student’s educational progress through schools in Ontario. The Education Act requires that the principal of a school collect information "for inclusion in a record in respect of each pupil enrolled in the school and to establish, maintain, retain, transfer and dispose of the record". The contents of the OSR and access to the information are authorized by the Education Act: classroom teacher(s), the principal, and a limited number of others working with the student have access to the OSR. Parents can review the contents of the OSR at any time by contacting the principal; parents can request the removal of records or items that are no longer relevant.