Glossary Q-R Words

Glossary Q-R Words


Range of Placement Options – The extent of choices for programming. See continuum of service.

REG. 181/98 – Mandates IEP’s for all exceptional students, outlines IPRC procedures, and gives parents the right to have an advocate attend the IPRC, deals with appeal procedures. Revokes Reg. 305. REG. 306. These regulations deal with the special education categories and definitions in the Education Act and outlines the IPRC and Appeal process.

Resource assistance – direct specialized instruction, individually or in small groups, in the regular classroom.

REG. 464/97 – Outlines Special Education Advisory Committees membership and role.

Regional centre – a school site that offers a particular program for a defined geographical area, e.g., schools offering self-contained enhanced learning classes or itinerant programs for gifted students.