What is ABC?

Provincially recognized advocate for all bright and gifted children in Ontario

Volunteer-based self-support network

Non-profit, registered charity


Established in 1975, the Association for Bright Children of Ontario (ABC) is a volunteer based, provincially incorporated support and advocacy group, with many chapters across Ontario. It is dedicated to providing information and support to parents of bright and gifted children and adolescents through newsletters, networking, an annual conference and local workshops. It offers the parents' voice to local school boards, educators, professional groups and the Ontario Ministry of Education.

ABC Ontario's Mission

The Association for Bright Children works to increase the understanding and acceptance of bright and gifted children/youth at home, at school and in the community; and encourages parents, educators and the community to nurture these children/youth to grow and reach their full potential, that they may become responsible, contributing members of society.

Support ABC Ontario

Visit our "Get Involved" page and the links below to learn more about supporting the mission of ABC Ontario. ABC Ontario offers free membership and depends entirely on grants and donations to fund our activities. Please consider making a donation today.

What does ABC do?

ABC Ontario:

Supports bright and gifted children and youth, their families, educators and communities

Connects you to resources regarding the social, emotional and intellectual development of high potential learners

Provides a self-support network through internet-based communities, provincial and regional activities

Assists in establishing new chapters

Keeps local chapters in touch with each other

Offers guidance to parents and educators as they advocate for educational excellence

Represents ABC members in discussion with the Ministry of Education

Monitors the implementation of legislation which could affect bright children

Provides liaison with other associations and organizations

Works cooperatively with all stakeholders including:

  • Parents, guardians, families and students
  • Ontario Ministry of Education
  • Educators and professional groups
  • Local school boards
  • Other parent and community associations

Local ABC chapters:

Provide families with bright children the opportunity to offer one another support and advice

Encourage parents, teachers and other adults to share their experiences and concerns and to pool their resources

Local ABC chapters may also:

Arrange for speakers

Distribute provincial and chapter news bulletins

Stay up to date on local school board issues

Plan family activities

Interested in getting involved with your local chapter? Visit the chapter tab on the top menu and use the Contact Us links.

No active chapter in your area? If you are interested in starting one contact This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.. There may already be other interested parents in your area looking to connect. The message board can be a great way to start the ball rolling.

ABC Believes that:

Every child is unique with individual special needs and that each child has the right to be accepted at home, at school and in the community

Every child has the right to a holistic education program that builds on abilities and helps the child reach his/her potential

The learning environment should stimulate each child to develop knowledge, skills and values

Educational decisions must be made in the best interest of the individual child

Educational decisions should be reached co-operatively and collaboratively, recognizing the roles of each partner - pupil, parent, professional

Children who are bright or gifted must be recognized for their strengths and have these abilities nurtured

Children who are gifted require special education programs and that these programs must provide a learning environment that will maximize their exceptionality

Children who are gifted require opportunities to interact with both intellectual and chronological peers

ABC Ontario policies concerning Special Education can be found in the official document "Parents as Partners" which can be found at this link as a PDF file.

The Objectives of ABC are to:

Be a resource to bright and gifted children, their families, educators and the community

Provide information, programs and materials pertaining to the social, emotional and intellectual development of bright and gifted children

Provide support and guidance to parents and educators as they advocate for their bright and gifted children

Act as a network for parents and educators by providing opportunities for the sharing of information and common concerns

Advocate for appropriate educational programs and services for bright and gifted children

Work cooperatively with all levels of government, the Ministry of Education, educators and other professional groups, local school boards, and other parent associations