Volunteer: For 2019-2021 Board of Directors

Making A Difference

ABC is a volunteer run organization. As such, volunteers are integral to ABC operations and services could not be delivered, locally or provincially, without committed and active volunteers.

If you believe in supporting educational excellence, then volunteering with ABC is a great way to demonstrate your support.

If you or your family members have benefited from ABC activities, advice or advocacy, then volunteering with ABC is an ideal way to express your gratitude.

Dedicated ABC volunteers have spent over three decades ensuring that the needs of bright and gifted learners are not forgotten.

How Can You Help?

. . . to ensure that educational programmes for high potential learners are maintained and enhanced so that as many children as possible are learning and able to achieve their full learning potential?

Contact us to find out how your skills, experience and ideas can support ABC efforts whether you have a few hours every month, or just now and again, to offer. For the convenience of our volunteers, most of our planning and meetings are conducted by email and conference calls.

Volunteer Opportunities with ABC are widely varied and include:

Provincial Board of Directors: Directors serve for a two year term. The Nominations Committee is currently seeking nominations for vacant Executive Positions.  

Additional committee members are always welcome. The projects of ABC Ontario are organized under committees including Outreach, Advocacy and Business Development.

Outreach is responsible for Conferences and Events, Public Relations, Resources, Chapter Development, Volunteers and Support Services. The website and e-Newsletters are also produced by the Outreach Committee.

The Advocacy Committee focuses on promoting educational excellence by working closely with School Boards, Special Education Advisory Committees, the Ministry of Education and Educational Organizations.

The Business Development Committee is responsible for ABC’s administrative operations and is concerned with obtaining Grants, Donations and alternative sources of revenue as well as providing basic Membership Services.

Event Volunteers: ABC has an ongoing need for volunteers to help together, plan, organize and run activities and events at the provincial level as well as in each local chapter throughout the province. Events may include: conferences, workshops, galas, seminars, classes, enrichment activities and more for children, youth, parents and educators.

Local Chapter Volunteers: All local ABC chapters welcome new volunteers to help support their efforts. From organizing an activity to sharing news with other local families or serving on a chapter executive, there are many ways to lend a hand.

SEAC Representatives: As a provincial parent association representing exceptional children, ABC has many volunteers serving as representatives on the Special Education Advisory Committees of District School Boards throughout Ontario. Many ABC SEAC representatives need alternates, which is a great way to learn what is involved while being mentored by an experienced volunteer. Invariably good gifted programming exists where there is a strong voice for gifted learners at the SEAC table. If there isn't a representative for gifted learners at your local school board presently, this is a very important way that you can make a difference.

Who can volunteer?

ABC welcomes all interested to contact us for further information.

We have opportunities suited to everyone including parents, guardians, grandparents and even gifted youth who can earn their Ontario Secondary School volunteer hour requirement by volunteering for ABC.

Educators and retired educators can also provide their expertise to ABC as active volunteers and advisors.

We are happy to tailor a volunteer position to suit your skills, interests and availability.

Want to learn more or express your interest in volunteering?

Contact us at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it., tell us about yourself and where you would like to volunteer. Please attach a current resume.