Glossary J-L Words

Glossary J-L Words


Junior Division – Grades 4 - 6.

Learning Disability (LD) – a disorder that affects how a person takes in, stores, or uses information; the processes involve understanding or using language, spoken or written, resulting in difficulty with listening, thinking, speaking, writing, spelling, or doing mathematical calculations. Term does not include children with learning problems related to disabilities, such as developmental delays. Gifted children can also have learning disabilities.

Learning Resource Teacher (LRT) - a teacher in a local school who is a Special Education specialist and provides part time direct support to exceptional students individually or in gorups and/or indirect support to students through consulting with the classroom teacher The Lambton Kent District School Board provides the following document that outlines a variety of Special Education staff job titles and descriptions. Lambton Kent District School Board – Special Education Staff Descriptions It’s important to remember that specific job titles, acronyms and descriptions vary from school board to school board.

Learning Support Teacher (LST) - A synonym for LRT that is used by some school boards.