Glossary H-I Words

Glossary H-I Words


Identification, Placement, and Review Committee (IPRC) - This committee is legislated by the Education Act under Reg. 181/98 to identify exceptional students, what there needs are, and how those needs can be met. For more in depth information please visit the following links as well as other information on this site.

- Ministry of Education - The Identification, Placement, and Review Committee

- Ministry of Education - Highlights of Regulation 181/98 (IPRC)

Inclusion - delivering education to all students within the regular classroom setting. All students are grouped in classes according to birth dates regardless of individual learning needs or abilities. The Ministry of Education outlines this educational strategy in "Education For All". "Special Education Transformation" also discusses inclusive education and the delivery of instruction through differentiation.

Indirect services (as seen on IEP) - where special support services are provided to the classroom teacher, who in turn provides support to the special needs students in that classroom.

Individual Education Plan - An IEP is an official working document that is used to establish and maintain the exceptional needs of an individual student that can not be met through the standard administration of the Ontario curriculum. The following links provide greater detail.

- ABC's resource guide - Developing Individual Education Plans for Gifted Learners

- The Ministry of Education - IEP - Standards for Development, Program Planning, and Implementation (2000)

- The Ministry of Education - The Individual Education Plan, A Resource Guide (2004)

Integration - the provision of instruction for an exceptional pupil in a regular classroom full-time or part-time.

Intelligence Quotient (IQ) - A measurement of an individual's thinking (cognitive) ability and general intellectual functioning compared to a representative sample of same age children (norm-referenced).

Intensive Support Amount (ISA) - This is a four level funding structure that pertains to Special Education delivery.

Intermediate Division - usually Grades 7 - 8; sometimes Grades 6 to 8.

Itinerant Enrichment/Gifted Teacher (IET/IGT) - Itinerant teachers serve students in many schools. They may travel from school to school to deliver services to students. Students may also travel to regional centers to receive services at the same time and place as other students with similar learning needs. Many part-time withdrawal programs for gifted students are delivered using the itinerant model (meaning the teacher, staff and/or program travel from place to place to provide service across a school board's area)