Summer Activities for Bright/Gifted Children and Youth

Compiled by ABC Ontario - London Chapter and updated by D. Ensing  May 2016 

Please note that neither ABC London Chapter nor D. Ensing officially endorse any of the listings, nor are ABC London Chapter or D. Ensing responsible for out of date listings, although every effort has been made to ensure  that these listings are accurate and up-to-date. This information is provided only as a resource for activities for children, youth and families.   

1. Nature trails: 
2. Fanshawe Conservation Area: 
3. Geocaching: 
4. Nature London: 
5. The Oxford County Trail Guide 
6. Sydenham River and its heritage 
7. Explore the Talbot Trail 
8. Komoka Provincial Park: 
9. Clovermead Adventure Farm in Aylmer:  

Visit some of the local farms, orchards, and harbours to see local food production in your area. You might come home with a very tasty dinner!  

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