Definition for Intellectual Giftedness Exceptionality

ABC Ontario defines Intellectual Giftedness as:

Asynchronous development characterized by measurable, advanced intellectual abilities accompanied by any or a combination of the following:

  • heightened intensity
  • exceptional creativity
  • persistent intellectual curiosity
  • rapid acquisition and mastery of concepts
  • superior reasoning and problem solving skills
  • leadership capacity
  • potential for advanced achievement in a specific domain or general academic aptitude

and which requires interventions beyond those available in a regular school program including:

  • optimal pacing of learning
  • interaction with like-ability peers 
  • individualized learning experiences
  • increased breadth and depth 
  • specialized supports
  • continual opportunity for challenge and advancement
    in order to address individualized learning needs and social-emotional vulnerabilities as indicated and to maximize well-being, educational engagement and development of such capabilities to enable the child to reach their full potential.
    Giftedness can occur across all demographics and in combination with physical impairments and communication or behaviour disorders.