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The Association for Bright Children of Ontario / Société pour enfants doués et surdoués de l'Ontario is an all-volunteer, provincially incorporated registered charity, with many chapters across Ontario. It is dedicated to providing information, advocacy and support to parents of bright and gifted children and adolescents through newsletters, networking, an annual conference and local workshops. It offers the parents' voice to local school boards, educators, professional groups and the Ontario Ministry of Education.

Contact Info:  This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.   1-844- GIFTED2 (443-8332) (leave voicemail) 


2016 Annual Conference to be held in Toronto in May - further details to be announced soon.


See ABC Ontario quoted in the September 2015 issue of Today's Parent magazine




Ontario's New Special Needs Strategy - 2014 

The government of Ontario launched a new strategy to meet the needs of families with special needs. It is a strategy that incorporates four Ministries : Ministry of Children and Youth Services, Ministry of Education, Health and Long Term Care and Community and Social Services.   

Webinar presentation on coordinated Service Planning  http://www.children.gov.on.ca/htdocs/English/documents/topics/specialneeds/strategy/Webinar.pdf

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ABC Ontario submitted a response to the Special Needs Strategy highlighting twice-exceptional needs of some students in the Gifted population and the needed focus on  mental health issues that gifted students may face.